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Natural Bora-Care® Termite Control For Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties can include a wide range of buildings including retail stores, restaurants, office space, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, schools, and medical buildings just to name a few.  All buildings need termite and pest control but each individual company that occupies those buildings have their own unique requirements for control.  Bug Central understands the unique challenges facing those in charge of making the correct choice to control their termite and pest infestations.  We are prepared to help with inspection and identification of your specific infestation and then give you the information you need to make an educated decision to remedy the problem.  Bora-Care® has been used to treat many sensitive areas where typical chemical applications could not be approved. Bora-Care® is an excellent choice for effective long lasting termite treatments.

Bug Central provides termite and pest control services for many of Southern California's most recognized companies.


List of Common Pests We Control

Ants  ●  Bees / Wasps  ●  Bird Control  ●  Cockroaches  ●  Crickets  ●  Gophers  ●  Fleas / Ticks  ●  Moths  ●  Rodents
Silverfish  ●  Spiders  ●  Drywood and Subterranean Termites  ●  And Any Other Unwelcome Pests

Service Areas

Los Angeles County  ●  Orange County  ●  Riverside County  ●  San Bernardino County  ●  San Diego County

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